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About our tournaments and club

We are a mini boat club that holds bass fishing tournaments at local lakes across Oklahoma.


We are a open to the public bass fishing club that caters to mini boats and kayaks. We have a small member due of $30 for the year to be a member and take a part in our tournaments. You can fish solo or in a team in the same boat in any tournament we host. We also will have 3 open class tournaments per year that are open to any size boat to fish out of. Our normal tournaments are limited to  Kayaks , or a boat 14 foot or under with a 25 or less horsepower motor.

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Anglers of the year

Across all of our tournaments we keep a points system per angler or team. This is bases on your place finished in the tournament plus the total weight of your fish. The points are totaled up through the year and at the end of the tournament year the team with the most points is awarded Anglers of the Year.

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To qualify for the end of the year tournament you must 1st be a member and 2nd fish at least 7 scored tournaments with our club. Any angler is allowed to only fish 6 scored tournaments in our club but must pay the entry fee to still be allowed to fish the championship. The championship lake will be selected at the last scored tournament with a random drawing from entries from each member.

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Jackpot tournaments

We host 1 jackpot style tournament that is an open format tournament. This tournament will not affect our Anglers of the Year points and is open to all members and non-members.

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Bass Bash Fundraiser Tournament

We hold 1 fundraising tournament a year that helps us to raise money for a local charity. These tournaments are payed out based on the amount of entries we have in the tournament. These tournaments are also open to non-member anglers, and are not scored towards anglers of the year totals.

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